Ever Fairy Headbands Review

 This post is written by: Lily

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Summer is finally here! I am super excited! But with summer comes heat, and to cope with the humidity of the south, you are going to need some super cute headbands to keep the hair back from your face! So, we have decided to try out a 4 pack of Ever Fairy headbands. They arrived last night and we are trying them out all day today. So far, so good. They are not slipping off my head, which has been my main problem with headbands in the past. They are also super soft, and the designs are very pretty! One thing I did notice when trying them on, is that 2 of the headbands were more stretchy than the other two. I do not know if they were supposed to be like this, if they were made from a different material, or what. On the packaging, it says the Ever Fairy products we purchased were hand-made, so maybe they were each sewn a bit differently, and that is why the stretchiness differed.

So far, I love these headbands and recommend them to anyone looking for a solution to the summer heat! I give these headbands 5 stars and hope everyone will check them out! Thanks for reading!

*These are not the same designs that we got, but this was the only picture I could find online. 🙂

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Poor Puppy!! :(

Today the workers came to start on our siding and I am super happy about this! It looks so much nicer. I feel bad for Nikki, though. She loves playing in our backyard! She can only go for walks in the front yard and around the block. (I think she misses her independence!) She has taken to following me all around the house(which I don’t mind) and staring out the back door.

Her training is going well. We recently started going to the puppy classes at PetSmart and I think they are going well. I like the instructor, and the other dogs are SUPER CUTE!!! She is finally starting to pick up on her ‘sit’ command, and ‘down’ is going well, too. We are working on leash training and getting the dogs attention with ‘watch me’.

Nikki is a great puppy and I am sooo glad we rescued her. I know we already had a question of the day (see Welcome Back, & some changes), but I love them and have to add one to this post. Here it is:

(2nd) Question of the Day: What is your favorite dog breed?
 or What is the breed of your dog?

Lily- Nikki is a 5 month old chihuahua terrier mix,
and some favorite breeds are: German Shepherd, Border Collie,
and Golden Retriever.

Welcome Back! (&Some Changes)

written by: Lily

Hello, internet! Today it is absolutely gorgeous outside! Not hot, not cold, somewhere in between. Almost everyone’s favorite weather. After a couple of years, we have decided to come back to blogging again! Yay!!! A few more surprises are in store, scroll down to see the changes we’ve made:

Homeschool- As of the start of the 2016-17 school year, we have been homeschooling. So far it is going great and everyone loves it! We are going to start blogging about homeschool!!

Bloggers- Say hello to our new bloggers!! My mom and I will be the main bloggers, but don’t be surprised it you see an occasional post by Dahlia!

Question of the Day- At the end of one of our posts each day, we will write a “question of the day”. At least one of us will answer this question and you will be encouraged to let us know your answer in the comments!

Nikki- We got a puppy! You might find a few posts here and there about the progress with our chihuahua-terrier’s training.

Question of the Day: What is your favorite book?

Lily- I am definitely a loyal Harry Potter fan, but I am currently obsessed
with The Mysterious Benedict Society Series. They super adventurous and 
mysterious! The bond between the characters is unforgettable.

Dahlia- The Bad Beginning, book 1 of the Series of Unfortunate Events, 
by Lemony Snicket

Leah- Crossing to Safety, by Wallace Stegner.

Charlie- Dear Zoo, by Rod Campbell

Josh- Lord of the Rings Trilogy, by J.R. Tolkien